Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

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Belt Conveyors are utilized in most AFS systems. Flat belts are typically used for whole tires. Trough belts are typically used for all bulk materials. In recent projects, AFS has used wide shallow trough belts to convey both whole tires and bulk materials on one conveyor. Truss framed conveyors are typical in AFS systems for long spans and a preferred method to elevate tires into a preheater tower where space allows. Truss framed or channel framed, AFS will appropriately design for the application.

Typical Belt Conveyor Options and Features:

  • Truss or channel frames
  • Flat or trough belts
  • Smooth or cleated belts
  • Galvanized hood covers, full hinged for access
  • 25" wide expanded metal walkway with toe plate and handrail on one side or both sides
  • Zero speed switch at tail
  • Belt alignment switches at head and tail
  • Pull-cord safety switches
  • 2-part epoxy finish coat