Alternative Fuel Systems

Alternative Fuel Systems

With over 20 years experience designing tire fuel systems for cement plants worldwide, the staff at AFS Technology has developed leading-edge innovations in tire handling automation and fuel feed systems for all major kiln types.  Our systems are custom designed for each kiln to get the most out of its tire fuel usage while maintaining control over process and emissions.


Scrap Tire Handling

With AFS tire handling systems, scrap tires are able to make the trip from the truck to their final destinations with no human intervention.   With various levels of automation to suit your needs, our system components can quickly pay off in savings of labor and fuel processing costs.

Tire Handling System Options


Precalciner Fuel Systems

AFS Technology offers several alternative fuel solutions for precalciners, including our latest tire skewer that ensures complete combustion of whole scrap tires inside the calciner.

Precalciner Fuel System Options


Preheater Fuel Systems

AFS has effective and economical systems for feed shelf firing of whole tires and other alternative fuels.

Preheater Fuel System Options


Mid-Kiln Fuel Systems

In long kilns, proper placement of tire fuel can result in dramatic improvements in process and fuel cost savings. AFS has unique mid-kiln systems designed just for this purpose.

Mid Kiln Fuel System Options